Owner: Wendy Melnick and Barry Oelrich
Breeders: Derrick & Karyn Daniels
DOB: 10.02.02
OFA: -coming soon-
Cerf: Annually

This Ursala x Dick Tracy girl is the ultimate in type, without sacrificing movement. Jynx started and finished her show career, on the Montana circuit at the youthful age of 8 months. She has the attitude of a princess, she knows no enemy, and is always motivated by food.

Turn Ons:  Trail running with mom, squeaky toys, running water, and Zephyr.
Turn off's:  Only two cups of food per day, and having teeth scraped.
Ambitions: Have her dog kennel be one big forest, with lots of water and no fences.


CH Regalia's Dick Tracy

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